Crystal Clear Adhesive

Crystal Clear Adhesive

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Product Details

  • Crystal Clear Adhesive
  • Carbon-free (the black additive), great for sensitive clients but also for everyone. It's our favorite adhesive. No other adhesive needed! 
  • Up to 8-week hold, clear tends to have the best retention in the industry.
  • 1-2 second dry time (Only recommended for advanced lash artists) If you notice the dry time increasing consider investing in a humidifier.
  • Latex-free
  • Medium Viscosity
  • Recommended humidity is 55%. With a 16%-60% acceptable range
  • Recommended temperature is 73º-74ºF | 23º-24ºC

Lash Crush Adhesive Instructions:

  • Remove cap
  • Cover nozzle with tin foil or the included pin
  • Shake for two minutes at the beginning of your workday and for 15 seconds before each drop 
  • To dispense, turn the bottle upside down, not at an angle, and let gravity do its work
  • After getting your perfect drop, “burp” the adhesive by turning the bottle right side up and gently squeezing the trapped air bubbles out of the nozzle 
  • Use a cotton-free sponge or tape to wipe the nozzle clean of any excess adhesive and screw lid on tight. Cotton reacts with the active ingredient and can contaminate the whole bottle.  
  • Store your adhesive upright and keep the container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight
  • Replace opened eyelash glue every 4-5 weeks
  • Adhesive will last 4 months unopened.

ProTip: We recommend using a hygrometer in your treatment room to accurately gage your humidity and temperature levels. When your humidity is low, consider using a Nano Mister to expedite the curing process at the end of your service and decrease exposure to adhesive vapors. Remember to wait at least one minute after your last lash extension is applied and always hold the Nano Mister 12-18 inches away from the client’s lashes while misting.

Intended for lash extension professionals only. Please use an n95 mask while lashing. Good ventilation is a must as well. Cyanacrolate is not good for our lungs. Be smart!  

Adhesives are not eligible for returns. If an adhesive is not performing properly and it is determined by our team to be a product issue, a refund or gift card will be rewarded with no return necessary.